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Ignite Oversea Investment Consulting Inc. 加拿大加途海外投资咨询有限公司,(又名:加拿大加途移民留学)位于加拿大BC省温哥华,主要着力于加拿大的移民,留学,商务旅游等签证业务的办理,及中加两国文化经济交流工作,加途已与加拿大大温地区的多所公立,私立高等院校和教育局建立了深度的合作关系。我公司致力于为我们的每一位客户提供专业的移民法律咨询。


加拿大加途移民留学的团队成员和专家有着多年的丰富经验,我公司的专家是加拿大政府以及移民局认可的持牌移民顾问(ICCRC MEMBER)。公司发展至今,规模已经由最初的单一经营,到拥有区域分公司,已成为大温地区规模最大的持牌移民公司之一。在大温哥华地区,加途移民留学已在四处设立了办事机构,分别为列治文市的Three West Centre (三号路CIBC银行旁),Parker Place 百家店,以及本拿比市的丽晶广场店。




Ignite Immigration

Ignite Oversea Investment Consulting Inc. (Operating Name: Jia Tu Immigration) was incorporated in the Province of British Columbia of Canada. Ignite Immigration is a registered and licensed immigration consulting company. We specialize in handling all the legal services such as Canadian Visitor Visa application, Study Permit application, Work Permit application, family sponsorship immigration, economic class immigration, investor class immigration, etc. as well as the economic civilization communication between Canada and China. Our company has established deep partnership with many public and private universities or colleges, and several regional school boards. Our company is committed to provide professional legal immigration advices for every client we have.


ignite Immigration is supported by a professional team specialized in Canadian Immigration laws and regulations. Our team members and consultant have many years of experience in studying aboard and immigration service. The Consultant in our company is one of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) members. As the fast speed of development of the company, the scale of the company has been changed from the unique operation to regional branches in metro-Vancouver. It has become one of the largest immigration companies who have the certified ICCRC member. In the great Vancouver area, we have opened up three offices: one is located at Three West Center in Richmond (Intersection between Westminster Hwy and No.3 Road, near CIBC), the other branch is located at Parker Place in Richmond,  And the last branch is located in Crystal mall Burnaby.


We have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams of working, visiting or immigrating to Canada. Ignite Immigration is uniquely placed to guide you through the maze of programs, regulations and policies of the federal and provincial governments and ensure your objectives are realized. We provide with the best application package design based on different qualification and situation of different clients to maintain the highest approve rate. As every members in ignite team treats every clients’ application as the application of theirs’ family members, focus on the researching and studying of the immigration policies, we has gained extensive trust for its professionalism from thousands of our clients. 


Ignite Immigration is your best choice!

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